Which is better flat or round mop?

Jul. 05, 2021

The advantage of the flat mop is that the bottom plate and the ground are fully stressed. Mops usually use fine cotton yarn and microfiber. Many products also have a card towel setting, which can be easily installed and used to wipe the floor with various waste towels, and can also be installed with special towels to wipe glass and windows. It is also very convenient to clean the dead corners of the room, so it can be used in a wide range. The disadvantage is that the fine cotton yarn mop is more difficult to clean and needs to be picked up and replaced by hand, while the microfiber cloth is more fragile. You will find the flat mop the most powerful when doing a comprehensive cleaning of the home, whether it is the ground, doors or windows.

The price of round mops is relatively low, and they are mostly tied to the mop rod by absorbent cotton cloth strips, cotton threads, etc. Its cleaning power is good, but it is troublesome to clean, and some cloth strips are not very absorbent, and occasionally they are easy to fall off. However, cotton strips have a wide range of applications, including floors and tiles. But it is not suitable to wipe some blind spots, or places that are not on the ground.

 What are the best mops to use? What are the best mops to use?What are the best mops to use?



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