Linyu Wish You Happy New Year

Jan. 02, 2019

Linyu a 360 Degree Rotating Dry Mop Supplier wish you happy New Year. The New Year's Day in ancient China, the custom of the "Chinese New Year" that modern China calls. On the New Year's Day of modern China, according to the Chinese government, it was included in the statutory holiday and became a festival for the people of the whole country. After a day off, it is often adjusted before or after the day of the holiday, usually for three consecutive days. Modern China’s celebration of New Year’s Day is much less important than the Spring Festival. General institutions and enterprises will hold year-end collective celebrations, but there are few folk activities.

Western New Year's Day: In 46 BC, the ancient Roman Caesar set this day as the beginning of the Chinese New Year. In order to bless the double-faced god "Janus", the door god of Roman mythology, "Janus" later evolved into English January "January "this phrase

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