How To Do With Double Drive Hand Pressure Spin Mop Mold?

Mar. 07, 2019

If the Double Drive Hand Pressure Spin Mop is used for a long time because it does not pay attention to the storage environment, or the quality of the cotton mop is poor, if you do not pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of it, the mop head may be moldy, and mildew will affect our use. Spin Mop With Foot Pedal manufacturers said that these mildew points can be removed, so how to remove it?

First, you can put the green bean sprouts on the mildew of the mop head, and smash it. After the mold spots disappear, wash it with water. If it is only a mild mildew, you can also use a soft brush to gently remove the mildew, and the key mold points can be sprayed with some diluted ammonia water. If it is for mildew that is difficult to remove, it can be wiped with 5% soap and alcohol mixture, then wiped with medical hydrogen peroxide, and finally washed with water.

Double Drive Hand Pressure Spin Mop

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