Four Questions About The High Quality Deluxe 360 Spin Mop?

Apr. 09, 2019

1. How to deal with the moth hair? First of all, why do you want to change the High Quality Deluxe 360 Spin Mop head, because every time you use the mop, it is not cleaned, resulting in too many dirty things in the mop head, not only moldy black, but also prone to stench in a long period of time. Some sponge mops heads broke, making them unusable.

2. How long does the mop head change? In general, the life of the mop head is still relatively long. It is no problem to use home for two or three months. However, if the 360 Degree Rotating Dry Mop is used more frequently, the amount of the task is large, and the cleaning degree is not enough, it is very easy to cause the dirty, smelly, and bad of the mop head, and the life of the mop head is reduced. In short, when do you want to change, when will you change?

3. What should I do with the plastic bag on the mop head? Whenever you buy a new mop or change the mop head, you will find a plastic bag wrapped around the mop head. This is to clean, and to reduce the loss of moisture in the cotton, can be used directly after replacement. When you want to use the mop, compare the plastic bag off. If it is not clean, you can cut it with scissors. Otherwise, it will greatly affect the use of the mop, and it is easy to hide the dirt.

4 How to change the head of the roller rubber mop? There are three simple steps to replace the mop head. First, remove the screw on the joystick, which is the screw in the center of the mop lever. After removing the screw, the mop head is taken with the iron piece as a whole.

High Quality Deluxe 360 Spin Mop

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