A Small Trick To Extend High Quality Magic Sponge Mop Use Time Limit

Jan. 29, 2019

The High Quality Magic Sponge Mop is a must-have item for every household, and it pays a lot for our family's cleanliness. Therefore, the mop line factory reminds us that we must also carry out necessary maintenance and maintenance after use.

The plastic mop should be washed after use, and then air-dried. The daily maintenance of the plastic mop should not only pay attention to the removal of the hair sticking to the mop, but also the brush if necessary, and when the mop produces odor, Pay attention to the use of bleach, specifically to clean the plastic mop after a certain dilution of the bleach, but the dilution concentration of the bleach should not be too high, try to avoid residue, so as to extend the use of plastic mop Years to make your mop durable.

Mops play an important role in the cleaning tools of our home. We know that the High Quality Deluxe 360 Spin Mop is a tool for cleaning. When we keep our house clean and tidy, the mop can easily make the dirt on itself, so the mop manufacturer reminds you that when you use the mop to clean the house, you should also do the mop. Cleaning work to prevent the breeding of large amounts of bacteria on the mop has a certain impact on our health.

The mop manufacturer reminds you that after using the mop, the mop should be cleaned and aired for sterilization. The sun is the best disinfectant. The mop is actually not suitable for disinfection with disinfectant. It will not only cause certain environmental pollution, but also waste water to remove the disinfectant. As long as it is cleaned, aired, and then placed. Dry, ventilated or sunny places are fine.

High Quality Magic Sponge Mop

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