How To Maintain High Quality Magic Sponge Mop Line?

Feb. 15, 2019

It is better to clean the High Quality Magic Sponge Mop line with flowing water. If there is a habit of using floor cleaner, the dirty mop line can be washed off under the faucet and then put into the detergent. Soak the bucket and wring it out.

Be careful not to expose to the sun, and proper drying is best. Generally, the 360 Degree Rotating Dry Mop of ultra-fine fiber, non-woven fabric and rubber-cotton material should be dried, and the sun may be exposed, and the material may shrink and deform, and the adsorption effect is also weakened. The cotton mop is going to be sunbathing, because the mop will lose hair and smell when it is wet for a long time.

High Quality Magic Sponge Mop

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