Hot Selling Spin Mop Material And Stain Treatment

Apr. 16, 2019

When Hot Selling Spin Mop of choose and buy, the connection that should see mop head place is close solid; Observe whether the handle is handled effectively; For the wood processing is not enough meticulous; The length is not suitable; Is it portable to hold? Will it feel strenuous when using? These tests can help us judge the quality of its material more accurately, which is beneficial for later use.

The woodiness mop pole of choose and buy of afore-mentioned method, firm sex is very good, can undertake long-term use, the surface won't be too too smooth, can have certain prevent slippery effect, operate rise more convenient.

If the surface of the 360 Spin Mop rod produces grease marks and glue marks and other stains, need to use sandpaper to polish it, and then use cotton yarn dipped in some gasoline to scrub the surface of the mop rod, if the stain is relatively stubborn, can use polished short plane to clean the surface of the mop rod. In order to make it more beautiful, the manufacturer will bleach it, remove rosin or other related dyeing treatment, also can make its texture more beautiful and natural, the color looks more even above

Hot Selling Spin Mop

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