​Maintenance of Household Floor Mop

Jun. 28, 2019

The maintenance of Household Floor Mop not only plays a important role in extending its own service life, but also it can keep clean from time to time, which is beneficial to the household floor. So how to maintain it? Please pay attention to the following key points.

Household Floor Mop

Household Floor Mop

1. After the household floor mop is used up, be sure to wash it clean and wring it out to keep it ventilated to avoid odor and odor.

2. When the mop has an odor, use diluted bleach to clean the mop.

3. When there is hair on the mop, you can use a brush to help clear it or wait for it to dry and then tape it.

4. The mop with finer material is less suitable for the ground stain of heavy grease, which is not economical and easy to wear and use the mop.

5. To keep your home clean and hygienic, the mop head is recommended to be replaced every two to three months.

6. Use with detergent, the amount should not be too much, otherwise it will easily remain, affecting the life of the mop.

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