Is The Magic Mop Bucket Automatic Mode?

Oct. 18, 2018

It can be said that Magic Mop Bucket includes some structural components such as a mop rod, a handle and a mop, so if the sleeve is sleeved outside the mop rod and can slide up and down relative to it, a plurality of microfiber strands are bundled at one end. The lower end of the mop rod is inside, and the other end is bundled at the lower end of the sleeve. Of course, the mop rod is provided with at least one limiting bead on the lower portion, and the root of the limiting bead is located in the mop rod. And supported by the elastic member located in the mop rod, so that the substantially hemispherical outer portion protrudes from the outer side of the corresponding small hole of the mop rod side wall, and the upper and lower ends of the sleeve are close to the mop The beginning of the rod is in the shape of a bell mouth. Only when wiping the ground, it is good to slide the sleeve down, and then the bell mouth of the lower end of the whole sleeve will protrude from the limit bead outside the mop rod and gradually squeeze into the mop rod, and then as long as the lower end of the sleeve slides down When the end of the mop rod is reached, the limit bead weight is ejected from the bell mouth at the upper end of the handle and is effectively stuck thereon, so that the sleeve is not allowed to be restrained and not slipped, so that the use is very convenient.

In short, the Double Drive Hand Pressure Spin Mop Bucket is not automatic, but it is the same as the advanced automatic rotary mop. It is not a fully automatic mode. It is only a semi-automatic mode. It mainly needs to cooperate with the artificial action to achieve perfection. The most important thing is that the sewage can not touch the hand is the best. It is as convenient as using it.

Magic Mop Bucket

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