How To Buy a Portable Spinning Mop

Sep. 05, 2018

First, carefully check the dewatering bucket on the valve when purchasing. If it is easy to step on the bullet, it must be inferior.

The second test on the spot, see that the water is not enough enough, after the end of the New Style Spin Mop 360 head is still dripping.

Third, you should carefully check the fiber adsorption capacity of the mop head to clean the ground thoroughly.

The fourth consumer should have a normal consumption mentality, can not blindly figure out the low price, and buy a Portable Spinning Mop without authenticity.

The fifth hand estimates the weight of the mop, if it is very light, it must not be genuine.

The sixth look at the outer packaging, so there is no packaging, or the packaging is rough, then consumers need to choose carefully.

Portable Spinning Mop

Portable Spinning Mop

Portable Spinning Mop

Portable Spinning Mop

Portable Spinning Mop

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