What Are The Different Parts Of 360 Rotating Mop?

May. 10, 2019

Nowadays, households use 360 Rotating Mop, and mops have become an indispensable daily necessities in our lives. In order to achieve a more ideal cleaning effect, the choice of mop material should be more careful. The mop manufacturer introduced us to introduce the different parts of the mop.

1. The material of the Household Floor Mop is divided into the handle of the mop handle and the mop. The mop material selection principle of the handle is a material that is comfortable to handle, not easy to deform, and lightweight.

2, the wooden stick material is comfortable to hold, and it will not freeze hands in winter. However, the disadvantage is that there is a barb phenomenon when the polishing is not fine, and because the weight is greater than the metal, it will be fatigued for a long time.

3, the metal handle is light, but because the metal is used for a long time, the heat transfer performance is good, and the user will be uncomfortable because of the temperature discomfort.

The use of fabrics is less selective. The most commonly used mop material is rags. The cost of rags is low and the water absorption performance is good. It is the preferred material for mops.

4, sponge mop is a new type of material, has good water absorption, easy to clear, easy to replace, but because it is not easy to wring out, the cost is high, there are also shortcomings.

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