How To Maintain Household Floor Mop In Peacetime?

May. 23, 2019

With the continuous advancement of the society, technology and technology are constantly being updated. It has been used for several years since the invention of the Household Floor Mop, but the product functions have been perfected. Only by constantly improving the product functions can it be more convenient for users. . Because with the improvement of living water, the mop is closely related to our daily life.

1. When the rubber mop is used with the cleaning agent, the use of the cleaning agent should not be excessive, otherwise the detergent will remain and affect the life of the mop cloth.

Second, if the Cheap Spin Mop occupies hair or other obvious adsorbents, use a brush to clean or wait for the cotton mop to dry and then remove it with a tape.

3. After use, please talk about the cotton mop mop clean and dry in a ventilated place to avoid the smell of the mop.

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