Original Hand Push Spin Mop Material And Stain Treatment

May. 20, 2019

When buying a Original Hand Push Spin Mop, look at the connection of the mop head where it is tight; observe the handle where there is no effective treatment; whether the processing of the wood is not enough detail; the length is not suitable; It is not lightweight; it will not feel painful when used. These tests can help us judge the quality of the material more accurately and facilitate later use.

The wooden mop rod purchased by the above method is very sturdy, can be used for a long time, the surface is not too smooth, can play a certain anti-slip effect, and is more convenient to operate.

If there are stains such as oil stains and glue marks on the surface of the 360 Rotating Mop rod, you need to polish it with sandpaper first, then use cotton yarn to pick up some gasoline to scrub the surface of the mop rod. If the stain is stubborn. You can use the fine light planer to clean the surface of the mop bar. In order to make it more beautiful, the manufacturer will bleach, remove rosin or other related dyeing treatments, and also make its texture more beautiful and natural, and the color is even more uniform.

Original Hand Push Spin Mop

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