How To Repair 360 Spin Mop

Aug. 16, 2018

How to repair the 360 Spin Mop? The first point: When you are using it for a period of time, you may be pedaling on the foot, and the bucket will turn, but it is at this time that the pedal is not returned in time. This problem is caused by the fact that after a period of use, the good god drag ruler will rub against the sides. It is easy to remove the ruler as long as the six or seven teeth on the back end of the ruler are used. The knife is flattened, which will increase the space between it and the sides, then the problem can be solved, or you can replace it with some new ones.

The second point: When your High Efficiency Spin Mop god drags the foot on the pedal, it will reverse again after the bucket is turned, and the pedal will return to this position. For this problem often occurs, then this one-way small bearing has been damaged or has been slipped, then it is necessary to replace the matching bearing, so as to solve it well.

360 Spin Mop

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