Welcome Our Friend From Brazil

Aug. 20, 2018

Recently, Brazilian customers have visited our company and we are honored. So, next, I will introduce you to our products visited by customers.

The emergence of the rotating mop as "the second revolution in the history of human chores" is clearly the right time. However, a small 360 Spin Mop With Folding Bucket actually created "another housework revolution after the washing machine". Where is the mystery?

According to the relevant industry insiders, the Deluxe 360 Spin Mop mainly adopts the centrifugal principle. When the mop is placed in the cleaning bucket or the dewatering basket, the automatic cleaning and drying process of the mop can be completed by high-speed rotation. Thanks to the hands-free washing, hands-free, the 360-degree rotation of the mop head, the mop stick can be freely retractable, and the mopping the window can be used for car washing. At present, the leading brands such as top and bottom rotary mops have successfully entered most families in the country, occupying The mainstream position of the domestic mop market.

Deluxe 360 Spin Mop

Deluxe 360 Spin Mop

Deluxe 360 Spin Mop

Deluxe 360 Spin Mop

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