How To Clean Rotating Mop Cleaning Bucket After Use?

Mar. 22, 2019

Some of the frequently used household items in your life, if you don't have good maintenance, will easily break down after a while, or as good as when you bought them. The same is true for Rotating Mop Cleaning Bucket. If we use them every day, we will leave them on one side and not maintain them.

After that, I don't think it will work for it, and you will need to spend new ones. So how do you know how to maintain a plastic mop to make it more practical and durable?

First: When we have used it, we need to clean it in time, clean the dust, garbage and hair together and wash it with running water several times to wash it more cleanly. Second: When the mop is dirty and smells, we can use a diluted bleach to clean the Magic Mop Bucket. Try to keep the mop free of odor. Third: After the mop has been cleaned, place the mop on the vent to dry it. Do not expose it to sunlight for a long time to prevent plastic aging. If the sponge mop is used for about 3 months, in order to make the home healthier, it is recommended to remove the mop head thoroughly or replace it with a new mop head.

Rotating Mop Cleaning Bucket

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