What Are The Issues To Be Aware Of When Buying a New Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop?

Mar. 15, 2019

1. The newly purchased Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop, if the mop head is mounted on the mop, directly tear off the bag that is placed on the mop head. Then, under the tap, rinse it a few times and you can use it directly. (Note, the scented mop ice, either replaced, or placed for a while, the smell is light and reused)

2. If the Self-Wringing Double Sided Flat Mop is loaded with the rubber head of the hardware, the transparent shrink film on the rubber head is also torn off. Then, the entire mop head is soaked in the water, and the water is covered by the rubber head, preferably for one or two minutes. After that, the mop head is softened and the water can be used. (Note, if the quality of the purchased cotton head is not good, it takes a long time to soak, no matter how long the bubble is, it must be used until the mop head is softened)

3, after the completion of the ground, clean, put it in the bathroom, in a cool place, do not put it on the balcony, so as not to let the cotton head aging in advance. Reduced life.

4. When you first use it, pull out the handle on the pole by hand. If it is not weak, use something to knock it tight. Because if the handle falls out during use, the stainless steel or the rounded mouth of the iron is very sharp, and it is easy to scratch the palm during the mopping process.

5, if the handle is not strong, it is best not to let the children take it to play, so as not to hurt the child's hand.

Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

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