How To Prevent Damage To Spin Mop 360 With Foot Pedal Rod In a Humid Environment?

Dec. 27, 2018

With the improvement of living standards, the cleaning of the ground becomes quite important when the indoor floor changes from mud to smooth tiles and slabs. How the mop line factory prevents damage to the Spin Mop 360 With Foot Pedal rod in a humid environment.

To prevent the damage of the mop rod in the humid environment, place the mop in a ventilated and dry place as much as possible to prevent long-term direct sunlight or rain.

After using the 360 Spin Mop With Foot Pedal, it should be cleaned in time. After cleaning, it needs to be wrung out, and placed in a ventilated place or in a place with sunlight. This can effectively prevent the mop rod from rotting or smelling.

Spin Mop 360 With Foot Pedal

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