How the Magic Mop Bucket Manufacturer Makes 360 Degrees Spin Dry Magic Mop Light?

Dec. 20, 2018

With the improvement of living standards and the accelerated pace of life, people have become more and more particular about home life. A clean living environment can bring a happy mood, and how the Magic Mop Bucket Manufacturer make the mop light.

The mop head is made of unique fabric fiber and never dislodges or fluffs! The high-strength stainless steel mop rod and the mop handle adopt a delicate and flexible 360-degree rotation design. The flat mop is light and efficient, and the ring mop head covers a large area. Washing, the raw material of 360 Degrees Spin Dry Magic Mop used is microfiber, strong detergency, no damage to the surface, and beautiful product! It is most suitable for dry rubbing, easy to operate, semi-open back, easy to replace, durable.

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