After The 360 Degrees Spin Dry Magic Mop Is Used

Dec. 06, 2018

A clean and tidy home environment not only protects our health, but also delights our mood and allows us to maintain a good mood at home. As a high-quality cleaning tool, 360 Degrees Spin Dry Magic Mop have a high penetration rate and are favored by families.

When we use the plastic mop, we can't directly put it on the balcony for exposure, because the plastic is prone to aging in the sun for a long time, thus damaging the mop structure and making it not fully effective. Double Drive Hand Pressure Spin Mop should be kept dry frequently, so keep them in a ventilated, dry environment when not in use. Clean the plastic mop as long as it is rinsed in clean water, then dry it naturally. No detergent or bleach is needed. Use and maintain the plastic mop properly to extend the use time.

360 Degrees Spin Dry Magic Mop  

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