Double Drive Spin Mop Set Use To Pay Attention To Bacterial Problems

Dec. 13, 2018

The Double Drive Spin Mop Set is a kind of daily necessities that is easy to "stain dirt". If you don't pay attention to cleaning the mop after using the mop, or if it is not properly cleaned, the mop can easily bring the bacteria hidden in it to the human body. The health of the body is damaged.

In the use of mops, the most accessible to the ground organic components, these ingredients will be used by fungi and bacteria, when they are in a humid environment for a long time, mold, fungi, candida and dust mites and other microorganisms and bacteria will grow rapidly. When you use it later, you can not only clean the ground, but also cause bacterial spread and cause diseases such as respiratory tract, intestinal tract and allergic dermatitis.

No matter whether the texture of the Double Drive Hand Pressure Spin Mop head is cotton, cotton, or cotton, microfiber, etc., as long as it is not thoroughly cleaned and aired, it is easy to breed harmful substances. Therefore, the first principle of choosing a mop is that it is easy to clean and dry.

Mops used daily in the home do not promote frequent disinfection. Disinfection with disinfectant can easily cause unnecessary environmental pollution. Moreover, disinfectants like potassium permanganate solution have their own color, and it is very expensive to clean after soaking. It is recommended that after each use of the mop, wash it thoroughly with water, put on gloves, wring the mop, and then spread the beginning to dry. If there are conditions in the home, it is best to put them in a well-ventilated and well-lit area, and make full use of the ultraviolet light of the sun to physically sterilize; if there is no balcony, or it is not convenient to dry, when it is not dry, it is best to move to dry. The ventilated room, wait for it to dry before putting it back in the bathroom.

Double Drive Spin Mop Set

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