Can All 360 Degrees Spin Dry Magic Mop Be Sunbathed After Cleaning?

Dec. 15, 2018

Everyone knows that the Mop should be cleaned and maintained. Few people will pay attention to whether the mop rod should be maintained. After a long period of drying, it will not be damaged. Today, the 360 Spin Mop Supplier will introduce you to the maintenance method of the mop rod.

Mop stick mops, as one of the must-have household items, play a huge role in people's lives. Mops of different materials also bring substantial convenience to our lives. The main mop types in life are mainly cotton mop, fiber mop and cotton mop. In the process of cleaning, it depends on the material. Then all mops can be sunbathed after cleaning.

Most 360 Degrees Spin Dry Magic Mop are sun-baked. Generally, mops of microfiber, non-woven fabric and rubber-cotton material are recommended to dry, and the sun will cause the material to shrink and deform, and the effect of adsorption will be weakened. The cotton mop is about to get the sun, because the mop will lose hair and smell when it is wet for a long time.

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